Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant 
Feel a need to clone yourself, 
 to get basic tasks done? 
Jae'ZaiR Marketing can assist you with a Virtual Assistant. We can assist you with basic tasks such as, Scheduling Appointments and/or Meetings, Making Travel Arrangements, Paying Invoices/Bills, Responding to Email, Preparing Microsoft Office Documents and more.  All services are performed remotely.  

Why hire  full time office staff, when you only require part time services?

Give us a call today to discuss your needs.  

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Give Us Your To Do List, and We will get it done for you!
We will handle the small things, freeing time for you to take care of what's most important!

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  • Mailing Address:
    Jae'ZaiR Marketing & Brand Management
    A Multi Media Advertising Agency
    PO Box 165,
    Trenton SC 29847

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