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When you invest in a great website, you want it to show up on the major search engines and provide an awesome user experience correct?  That is exactly what a responsive website is designed to do.  As a business owner, you have less than 30 seconds to catch the attention of your potential customer, make sure they have an awesome user experience on your site.  You do not want them pinching and pulling at your web pages, if they are I assure you, you've lost a sale.  

 As busy on the go individuals, we search for products and services on several devices.  We may start out searching for a product at home on our desktop, however in today's world, advance technology allows us to search on the go.  In the process of searching, we can use up to four devices in one search throughout the day.  Have you ever started out searching on your desktop, got tired and moved to your laptop or tablet on the bed? In some cases, I've fallen asleep and resumed that search on my desktop at the office or on my mobile device.  Mobile devices such as android and apple phones, Tablets, and  allow us to have a computer in our pocket.  

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Your website needs to reconfigure to adjust to the screen size your potential client is searching for your goods and services. Having a responsive website allows you to turn your browsers into buyers. If you do not have a responsive website, give us a call and we will assist in creating a robust responsive website for you and assist you to reach your customers that are searching for you. 
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