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Building Relationships,
While Driving Results!
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    Jae'ZaiR Marketing is a full fledge advertising agency serving Augusta GA, and Aiken SC, local business owners.  Our staff has over 15 years of Marketing & Advertising experience.  We bring to the table, a diverse knowledge in multiple advertising platforms.  
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  • Description
  • Jae'ZaiR Marketing is an Advertising Agency serving Augusta, Ga and Aiken SC.  We partner with small and medium sized businesses to grow their market share. Our Agency assist business owners with advertising and marketing solutions, such as Responsive Website Design, Mobile Websites, Reputation Management, Social Marketing, Virtual Assistant, and more. Take a glance at our services page
  • Our Agency provides the marketing tools to promote small and medium sized businesses directly to consumers in a cost effective manner.  We are known for Building Relationships, While Driving Results!
  • Our Mission
    At Jae'ZaiR Marketing our goal is to provide you, the small business owner, with a robust, top of the line suite of digital products, to market your business.  You now have the tools and time to -engage, promote, and provide exceptional products and services to your customers. We are the one stop shop, for all your small business marketing needs, providing you with reliable service, that will drive results, and promote customer satisfaction and loyal customers for your business! 
When It Comes To Running Your Business, You Are The EXPERT. When It Comes To Advertising & Marketing Your Business, 
We Are The EXPERTS! 

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  • Mailing Address:
    Jae'ZaiR Marketing & Brand Management
    A Multi Media Advertising Agency
    PO Box 165,
    Trenton SC 29847

  • Building Relationships, While Driving Results!

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